Drawing Session with Helen Watkins

Today we had our first taught drawing session with Helen in the studio and I have already learnt so much. This has made me very excited about the next few weeks. She spoke to us about each of the different types of brushes, which was really interesting because, although I have seen for example a fan brush before, I had no idea how to use it or what marks it was capable of making. I had brought with me both a small and medium round brush and a stippling brush, so I experimented with them first before moving on to the others, which I borrowed.
I got off to a slow start because I am very cautious to just ‘play’ with techniques and materials, and tend to stick with what I know. However once I started using items like bubble wrap and my finger tips, I started to get in to it and enjoy myself.
Throughout my first year I am planning to encourage myself to work out of my comfort zone, for example by working bigger (I am most comfortable working small and delicately).


Different marks with one round brush, including wet and dry paper.


Experimenting with stippling brush and round brush (using the same movement), bubble wrap and my finger tips.


Medium round brush to create swift, circular marks and a strip of ripped paper used to cover up areas while painting with a large flat brush.


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