Resist Workshop in the Dye Lab

Stretching paper today was a new skill for me and it was a lot easier than I expected. I had used gum strip in the past but had always made a mess, so to learn even just how to use that effectively was useful. I was interested in the difference between a piece that had been stretched and one that hadn’t: it gives so much more of a professional finish with no ‘crumpling’ or ‘bubbling’. Although time consuming, I think this process it definitely worth it just to achieve that slicker outcome.

We were also experimenting with different resists so, once the stretched paper was dry, we were using water based dyes, candles and hot wax to see what effects we could achieve.
I enjoy using the wax pots for batik and like how uncontrollable some of the tools are. This can often result in some really interesting effects. I always prefer techniques that you can’t totally control, because unplanned results are sometimes the best ones.


Hot Wax


Hot Wax


Candle Wax


Candle Wax


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