Introduction to Constellation with Ashley Morgan

After having the initial introduction to constellation, I am, as I’m sure is everyone, feeling both optimistic and daunted by the idea of it. We were told by Ashley that the title of L4 constellation is concept and that the most important thing throughout is to be open minded. One of my weaknesses as a student is being negative about things and I am very stubborn when it comes to doing things that I think I don’t want to do. This is something that I am planning on working on throughout this year and will make an effort to be open to new things and concepts throughout the constellation lectures. Another thing that Ashley did say was that you don’t have to like everything that you are taught during constellation, and that it is important that you just listen and think. I am really happy to hear that they understand that everything won’t be of interest to every single student in the school and am looking forward to seeing what the key notes and study skills will be like.