Keynote – Dr Natasha Mayo: The Sensorial Object, The Curation of an Exhibition

During this keynote, it was really interesting to get the opinion of a maker about the curation of an exhibition because, as Natasha said, hearing it from the point of view of a gallery employee or an academic, you are unlikely to get the same passion for materials, which I think is very important for the viewer/listener.

I am looking forward to January, when the exhibition comes to the gallery in the bay because it will be interesting to see some more ceramics, which are never really something I have come into that much contact with, nor did I think I was very interested in them. However after stating at CSAD, meeting ceramics students and discussing their discipline with them (and now listening to this lecture in which Natasha showed some examples and video clips of ceramicists in practice) I have realised that before I wasn’t being very open minded to the medium, thinking it was just ‘pots’ and not much more. Now I am very keen to try it out and it may be something that I explore during the field module next term.


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