Study Skills – Jenny Godfrey: Visual Literacy

I had a lot of interest in this study skills session in the library today because I enjoy research and analysing found images and sources. Jenny gave us some handouts with a number of questions to ask yourself while reading an image and I took note of some of these which I feel will be very useful in the future, and soon for the controversy essay. I learnt that visual theory is knowing how to:
-find images
-interpret images
-evaluate images and their sources
-use images
-create new images
…which, in my opinion are some of the most important aspects of any art subject.

I enjoyed learning of the huge amount of online resources that are available and had a go at using the Google Cultural Institute, which I found very user friendly and gave a useful amount of side information without being too wordy or difficult to read. I will definitely be using some of these resources, starting with the ‘baby cage’ essay.

Jenny also listed some advice for when thinking critically about an image and again, I think these will be very useful for this and all future analytical essays. These included: consider more that just the obvious; recognise that your own prior ideas may be colouring your response and pay attention to assumptions.

I will definitely be visiting the library again and having a more in depth look at the resources they offer after this session.


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