Study Skills – Dr Mahnaz Shah: Identifying a Question

“What is a Question?”
“There’s no one answer, but that hasn’t stopped us from asking the question.”

During today’s study skills session, I found it hard to understand a lot of what Dr Mahnaz was explaining, even after asking her to explain to me individually. However I did get some useful information that I think will help me in my working attitudes in the future:
She told us that the common art abstractions include line, plane, colour, form, structure and volume, but that they can all be redefined and altered according to each artist/maker/designer. She stressed how important it is for each of these abstractions to be played with, and told us to use our imagination, thinking outside the box almost. This is something that I struggle with. I tend to play it safe and stick to my comfort zones so am hoping that as this year progresses, I can become more confident in thinking freely.

I had never heard of the principles of accessibility before today, but I learnt that we add these to the above abstractions, underscoring everyone’s right to access everything. I have never really had much of a chance to learn other skills and medium, after a very fine art based foundation course with very little opportunity to try new things such as ceramics and photography. I am therefore very much looking forward to the field module next year where I am hoping to learn some new skills and come out of my little sewing machine comfort zone.

The main thing that I learnt from today’s session is not to limit myself to my own pathway, and I will keep this in mind for the rest of the year to see what I can learn,


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