Mothers of Africa research

I’ve done some more research on the Mothers of Africa charity ready to start designing my quilt square tomorrow morning. I wanted to find out the basics of what the charity is about. On the charity website, I read that they educate those who provide medical care for regnant women. Approximately half a million women die worldwide as a result of childbirth every year and most of these deaths occur in South East Asia and Sub Sahara Africa.

“A health worker for everyone, everywhere”

I also looked on Pinterest and some African patterning because I didn’t get a chance to in the library session in the week. The following images were all feature patterns that I will try to replicate in some rough sketches and experimentation tomorrow.

Africa | Kuba skirts, Tcaka, long are cloths made from raffia, from the Ngeende, Bushoong and Ngongo peoples. They incorporate appliqued "patches", embroidered shapes and patterns, openwork, tie-dye, cowrie shells, barkcloth and border elements | © Bobbi Hamill

Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para

Mudcloth textiles by Ananse Village (via unruly-things)

Africa | Detail from a Chief's Ndop cloth from Cameroon | Cotton; with indigo abstract patterns, woven in small strips and sewn together

Africa | Wrapper ~ bokolanfini ~ from the Bamana people of the Mali | 20th century

Africa | Barkcloth (lioncloth) ~ 'Pongo' ~ from the Mbuti people of the Iturri Forest, DR Congo | Pouned bark, and natural plant dye | 20th century


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