The City – Initial Lecture

I was excited to find out more about our field project this year and to get the brief this week.
After being given the three options to choose from: migration; the hidden city and power and technology, I am so far undecided which one I will choose next Monday but at the moment am slightly more interested in the hidden city. I think I would like to do something to do with people this term, in which I could  incorporate photography and figurative drawing, which are both things I enjoy but need to develop further. The hidden city brief would be interesting to research because I could look at those who go unnoticed, strangers’ stories that you’ll never hear, the huge amount of homeless people in cardiff, who are almost forgotten by society. There are also a few artists, who I am already aware of (predominantly photographers) who would be useful to research, for example Lee Jeffries, Steve McCurry, Brandon Stanton and Vivian Maier.

Lee Jeffrie's photo's of the homeless are a thing of beauty.Lee Jeffries

portrait of a young monk in a Buddhist monastery

Steve Mcurry

Brandon Stanton

untited. credit: vivian maier - this childs face just draws you in, i love it.

Vivian Maier

Today Morag did briefly warn us to be careful with ethics and this would particularly apply to be if I was to photograph/draw strangers on the street. I will research this further when I am sure that this is what route I’m going to go down.

Between now and next Monday I intend to think more and take some rough notes about what I want to do so I can start researching relevant imagery.


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