Print Workshop – Week Two

Today we were developing our skills learnt in the screen printing workshop last week by using foil and flock.

First I tried the ‘steam puff’ method which I really enjoyed. I’m generally quite an impatient person so the quick results of this were good. I also need to remember to wash the screen immediately because after waiting a little bit too long (because I was washing the squeegee) it was a lot harder to remove.
First I tried it just in white and then again in a black/grey mix.

20150129_224745 20150129_224758

I was impressed with the results and think it would be very appropriate for a printed pattern for interior textiles. I don’t think it is very suited to mine though, which seems to be better in the more solid, flatter prints.

For me, the foil effect didn’t work very well. However looking at other people’s results, I can see that it can create some beautiful prints. It’s possible that I didn’t let it dry for long enough before putting it in the heat press, but it also could be because it wasn’t printed properly. I found it really difficult to print with the ‘texiflock’ because of its consistency. This is something I would like to practice. Steve did mention that the batch was starting to dry out so it could have been down to this.

20150129_224937 20150129_224942

The flock was similar to the foil so again would like to practice this another time.

20150127_150433 20150129_225013


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