The Body in Society – Introduction and ‘Thinking about the Past’ (Week 1)

Today was the first lecture in a series from Ashley Morgan on the Body in Society.

I’m really happy I ended up in this option because the body has always been something I’ve been interested in and I would like to study it more in depth. I have looked ahead on blackboard at the title of each session and I think I am most looking forward to week three: bodies and identity because I’d quite like to write my essay on something to do with gender identification and how it is constructed by society.

Ashley said today that her sessions work on a ‘surf and turf’ basis, which I believe is an effective way for me to learn. I agree that it is important for me to contribute by reading and thinking instead of just being talked at. Participation in group work is also a big part of this, however previously I haven’t enjoyed this and find it awkward. Hopefully a mixture of these constellation sessions and the new field module will help me change my mind. I would like to enjoy group work, as I think it is a useful way of getting other like-minded people’s opinions and thoughts on a subject you all care about.

I have always been interested in history so today’s historical aspect really engaged me. It is fascinating how much information we have about the past and how we can use it to help our work in the present.
I also find medicine and the drastic speed in which it has developed really interesting. The fact that Dr Tulp was only allowed to use the body of a criminal is so different compared to the idea of ‘donating’ your body to science once you pass, which is a reality now.

We did also touch on gender in today’s session and how women’s bodies are/have been used as a site of difference and oppression. This is something I will possibly look into further in preparation for my essay due in May.


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