The City – More Artist Inspiration

I started looking more at ways in which textile artist show the figure in their work.

Alice Kettle | New Work

Alice kettle ... Great inspiration :)

Alice Kettle
Alice Kettle has always been a favourite artist of mine so I am happy to be able to use her as a reference for my own work. Her images of the human figure are quite surreal and she uses a collage of appliqué in a variety if different textures and thicknesses of fabrics.

love the drawing-like quality of this embroidery by Sophie Strong, the use of fabric scrap and uncut thread ends

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - Sophie Strong

sophie strong

Sophie Strong
“The images are drawing based from photography used in newspapers.”
Sophie Strong predominantly uses black and other dark threads.

replace the faces with something else and this could work for me!

so many stories (2013)  free motion machine embroidery on linen completed during Oct-Nov 2013 -  © Cathy Cullis.

poetica wip - cathy cullis (in progress)

Cathy Cullis
I love the unusual face shape Cathy Cullis uses in her pieces. It is also a good reference if I want to do more on crowds.


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