City – Photography Ethics

Today I found a couple of articles about an issue I’ve been worried about that could prevent me carrying out what I wanted to do to continue with this project.

  • “Bottom line: be anonymous, unmemorable, and blend in.”
  • “the one golden rule I stick to is that I’ll never take a shot that’s demeaning or potentially defamatory. You wouldn’t want the somebody to do the same to you, would you?”
  • “never use images for commercial or stock use if you don’t have the agreement of any identifiable individuals in the image.”

  • “But based on my experiences shooting street photography, I think the best way to approach someone is openly and honestly.”
  • “I would encourage people interested in street photography to take an extraordinary photo of an ordinary person, rather than taking an ordinary photo of an extraordinary person (homeless, street performer, etc).”

This makes me more confident in going out and taking these photos.


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