City – Photos

This morning I walked through Llandaff Cathedral, Llandaff Fields and to the city centre and took some photos.

P1060761 P1060762 P1060764 P1060769 P1060770 P1060772 P1060779 P1060782 P1060784 P1060786 P1060788 P1060790 P1060792 P1060794 P1060795

I tried to focus on either people on their own or in couples, rather than those in groups because this would help me with my samples. I enjoyed looking around at people holding hands and laughing with each other, which seemed to be common as I was walking around, possibly due to the fact that it was Valentine’s Day.
There were also quite a few people on their own walking their dogs.

I liked the blurred effect that I achieved in most of the photos, as the subject was moving past. This works with my idea of people just walking pasts you in a ‘blur’ without you paying attention to who they are. It almost gives then an anonymous identity.


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