City – Pecha Kucha Presentation

Today I presented my pecha kucha in front of Helen and my group. Despite being really nervous, it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I prepared small flash cards to use as an aid but found that, due to the slide moving on automatically, I didn’t really have enough time to consult them and ended up just not using them at all. However this worked out okay because of the practice I had done, so I could remember everything I wanted to say anyway.
I found the discussion and constructive criticism really helpful, tips I received were:

  • End with a conclusive slide – my last slide in my presentation was just the last photo I wanted to talk about and therefore didn’t really have time to thank the listeners. In the future I will therefore include one last slide which will give me time to do so.
  • Condense artist research – although they were impressed with the amount I had researched, I even realised myself as I as presenting that there were just too many slides on it. Next time I could include more than one artist on one slide and group them together into categories, for example all of the street photographers on one.
  • Possibly talk to the subject of research in order to answer the questions – this was something that Helen suggested, however after discussing further, I decided that I wanted to keep the questions unanswered.

Good points discussed however were:

  • Different approach – instead of looking at ‘hidden city’ simply, I looked at something different to the rest of the group (people).
  • Good variety of artist research – photographers, painters and textile designers.
  • Clear path – I also felt it was clear how my ideas had developed so far with artist research, my own photographs, sketches and stitched samples.

Below is a link to my presentation.

Pecha Kucha City


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