City – Stitch Development

After my 1-2-1, I wanted to develop my stitch samples further. One suggestion Helen gave me was to ensure I don’t lose my loose, sketchy style in my drawings when they are taken into stitch. I agree with her here and only noticed once she mentioned it, but my sewn samples are very controlled and contained whereas my sketches seem to have much more movement and character. This is something I wanted to work on this afternoon.

11003948_10153106829249629_697187846_n First I tired my simplest of images and used a grey/silver thread. I wanted to convey the idea of the figure being invisible and anonymous and thought that using this colour would help. I felt like the lines are slightly more free than in my previous samples, however I need to get out of the habit of just going over lines repeatedly and instead actually create some movement. 11004951_10153106829214629_1586642451_n

 Here I used the same thread again but added some accent colour on her hair. I felt like this gave the girl some personality and character which is normally lost, especially because this image is from behind. In my initial sketch of this girl, I added the blue with watercolour and I still think this works. However, this was the last sample I did in this grey coloured thread. I don’t think it really achieved what I wanted it to and looks a bit washed out.
11022856_10153106723809629_2047360729_nI’m really pleased with this sample and feel like I’ve achieved the sketchy style I aimed for. Instead of repeatedly going over the same line I used the sewing machine in the same way that I sketch and just treated it as a pencil. As soon as I got into this frame of mind, it became a lot easier. Although I think this sample is really successful, it would work well amongst more colourful figures.
Here I added the same blue hair but with the new, ‘sketchier’ style. I also added half of the male  figure to her side. This was originally because it didn’t all fit into the embroidery hoop and I had planned to add it on afterwards, however once out of the hoop, I decided the sample looked really nice unfinished. I then also added another figure, but out of proportion to the other two. I didn’t want to create a scene, just a collection of figures, similar to the work of Rosie James.

As I had done in my previous samples, I wanted to do more appliqué within my free embroidered figures. Again with this one, it added some character that otherwise you wouldn’t get with a plain, black outlined figure. This fun, quirky print on the bag  reciprocates the suggested bubbly and confident personality suggested in the hair. I think using the different medias to create colour and accent is successful because it gives an almost gives a mixed media, multi textural feel to the sample. 10816089_10153106723869629_1515293784_nHere I did the same as previously but added even more appliqué on her coat, using just a plain, coloured poly cotton. This reminds me of the work of Caroline Kirton, who I had previously looked at. I need to be wary of copying the artists I look at and need to work on having my personal touch in my samples.
This is my favourite sample I created today, and I feel like it successfully shows my latest trial and error style of experimentation.
Although still anonymous because you can’t see her face, her clothing, accessories and hair colour almost define her and give her a character regardless.

My next step is to hopefully take some more photos in the city centre tomorrow in order to create more sketches. I feel like I need some more options of imagery to take further into stitch.


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