City – Cross Discipline Group Work

Yesterday was our introduction to our next step in the field module. I am happy with the tutors we were allocated because they are disciplines which I have little experience in (fine art and product design) and hope that this will help me to broaden my knowledge within the art and design world.

I am also pleased with my smaller group which I managed to get into: we have one illustration student, two fine art, two graphics and me from textiles. I would have liked to also work with someone from ceramics because this is something in particular I would like to try myself, however this wasn’t possible because we had no one from this subject in our whole group.

Once we got together, it was really interesting to hear what other people had done previously for this project because they all think differently to me. Jess, who studies graphic did people, similarly to me, but looking at social norms and stereotypes.


We created this simple spider diagram with quick ideas that we had of what we could look at in our collaborative work.

Today we came together again having gone away and thought about our ideas and spoke to Sue about what we had thought about so far. I found this really helpful because she was then able to discuss it with us as a group and help us to develop a plan of action for the rest of the week.
We decided that we wanted to try a ‘words to draw by’ approach in that we would come up with a few abstract nouns and take some photos and create work from them using the city. The words are the following:
– Transparent
– Broken
– Wind
– Old/new
– Nostalgia
– Smell
– Light
– Nature
– Odour
– Pattern
– Juxtaposition
– Personality
– Restriction
– Direction/Movement

I am quite interested in the words personality, pattern and juxtaposition in particular and would like to explore these further in photographs later this week.

We have arranged to meet up again on Friday to share our ideas.


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