City – Photos in City Centre

Today Sophie and I walked into the city centre, through Llandaff Fields, Sophia Gardens and Bute Park to take some photos and get some inspiration.

P1060890 P1060891 P1060892

First I saw this roof in Llandaff Fields which had some tiles missing. After taking a photo of the building from a distance, I noticed from looking back at it that the tiles which had fallen off where on the floor below it. They seemed to be in a relatively organised pile (rather than being too spread out) which didn’t look like how they landed. This led me to wonder whether they were placed there by a person. If so, why hadn’t they removed them all together. I thought that this could either be because it wasn’t their job, i.e. they were just a passer-by and moved them for safety reasons, or that someone had kept them there because they intend to come back and fix the roof.

 P1060900 P1060902P1060895 P1060903 P1060905 P1060906

Next I looked at some juxtapositions on out way into the centre.
This tire really interested me. It was buried in the ground in the woods and I thought this was a big contrast: the tire representing the city, the modern world and technology, and the surroundings are so different to this.
With the green sign post, I found it fascinating that the city is less than 2 miles away from the sign and it is surrounded by a river, trees and shrubs. This for me created such a contrast and I found it really interesting that something so beautiful and quiet could be so close to the action within the hustle and bustle of the city.
The photograph of the carrier bag shows the crossover of the natural world and people’s impact on it.
I found these daffodils growing just outside this big metal fence. I was inspired by the huge contrast of something so beautiful and natural and the harshness of the metal.

P1060908 P1060911

Both of these photos are of two separate buildings in close proximity of each other but are from very different time periods. On the left is Cardiff Castle and in the background a tall office building in the city centre. On the right there is a beautiful Tudor building (a pub) next to a fast food joint (Subway).

P1060915 P1060916  P1060918 P1060920 P1060922 P1060923

Colour and Personality
These photos were my favourite out of all the ones I took. I love bunting anyway and although I had been to Castle Arcade before, I had never been up onto the balcony.


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