City – Group Discussion

Today our group met at uni to discuss what we had done over the last couple of days and to think about what we wanted to do over the next couple of weeks.

Everyone had photos or sketches with them and it was useful to see the approaches everyone had taken. We all seemed to have visited similar places, which helped because we were able to relate and talk about similar ideas.

Following on from our original concept of doing something to do with a map, we discussed as a group the idea of making one ourselves. Possibly in a collage form because this would help to bring in everyone’s disciplines, with multi media for example digital printouts, sketches, photography and stitch.

Since coming home, I’ve had a quick look at pinterest for some inspiration of hand drawn, styalised maps and the artists who draw them.

Anna Simmons

CapeTown Illustrated Map Idea: buy illustrated maps of each place visited...

Map of West London by Anna Simmons for National Geographic Traveller

Brugge map - Anna Simmons Auf

Josie Portillo

Illustrated Venice Map by Josie Portillo

<3 this.  Josie Portillo.  I try to ignore my Francophile but it really doesn't work.

Josie Portillo - London illustration.

Andre Letria

Andre Letria | Elvas - tons of tiny houses, no two alike... this would make a great fabric repeat pattern

Andre Letria | Elvas

Andre Letria | ElvasAll of these artists have very similar illustrative styles and I’d really like to try and create something like this. I also really like the unusual colour schemes used and, considering that colour is one of the words we are using to start us off, this is another thing which could be developed.


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