Castle Arcade Research

I know already that I am really interested in the photos I took of the bunting on the ceiling of Castle Arcade and therefore had a quick look at the history it holds. The following are  just some quick facts I found online.

  • Built around 1887
  • Runs from opposite Cardiff castle (as the name suggests) to High Street
  • Includes a wooden second floor overhang with foot bridges
  • One of only two double level arcades in Cardiff (other being Cardiff Market)

I tried to find some information on the bunting in the arcade, for example where it came from, when it was put there and if there was a reason/event, but couldn’t find anything. However, all of the visitor’s photos on TripAdvisor were taken in 2011 and the bunting wasn’t in any of them. This means that it was added after then and is therefore a relatively new addition.


Castle_Arcade, 170px-City_of_Arcades_Cardiff


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