City – Sketches/Experimentation

Today I have been sorting out my sketchbook, annotating my photographs and doing a couple of sketches in order to try and work out which direction I’d like to go here.


I used this photo as a starting point because I felt it was the strongest out of all of the bunting ones.

First I used the photograph to pick out the colours of the bunting.

Before deciding that the bunting was definitely the imagery that I wanted to develop, I started with a sketch of the photograph trying to get the perspective right. I found this difficult but think it worked quite well.

20150308_234807 20150308_234811
I did the first one of these sketches by trying to get the basic shape. I noticed that in the photo, the lines get closer together the closer to me they were so tried to replicate this in my sketch.
Next I tried the same idea but this time I did the watercolour first and then the charcoal lines on top. This could be replicated using coloured applique and black free embroidery on top – this is something that I would like to experiment with this.

My plan of action now is to move these simple sketches into stitch, possible onto both fabric and paper.
I would also like to explore the word ‘pattern’ because I feel that this is a word that I could do quite a lot with in this project.


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