Bunting Experimentation

Now that I’ve decided that Castle Arcade is the place that I want to really focus on, I’ve started to do some experimentation with how to represent the bunting. I know that I want to use stitch because I feel that this is the best skill I have that I can bring to the group.

First I tried some free machine embroidery using a black embroidery thread. Although I have done a lot of this in the past, I have never done it onto paper and I found this really difficult. After several attempts I managed to get a couple of lines of bunting. I am pleased with the results however they weren’t as controlled as I had hoped them to be.


Next I moved on to using a straight foot for the same idea and, although this was more time-consuming (because of having to constantly change the direction of the stitch), I feel that this gave a much better result – it is much neater and looks a lot more professional, but at the same time still has the hand-drawn, ‘scribbly’ effect I wanted. This will be the technique that I’ll stick with.


After sorting out the basic line of the bunting, I looked at how to put the colour onto the flags, as this was one of the reasons I was attracted to this imagery in the first place. I experimented with applique of fabric (which again I had never done onto paper), watercolour and oil pastel.
The applique was a lot easier than I had expected and gave a really nice effect which I feel represents the real bunting well, especially because I tried to use a similar fabric.
The watercolour was equally effective, although I will use a more watered down mix next time to get a much less intense colour.
The oil colour was too much of a powerful colour and also isn’t solid enough.
I’ve decided to use a mix of watercolour and fabric applique in the final design, which I hope will give a nice mixed media feel.

P1060929Next I’m going to experiment with the lettering to go onto the flags.


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