Group Discussion

When our group met on Friday to put together everything we had, we realised that some people didn’t really have enough yet. So we decided to come together again on Monday to finalise everything.

In addition to the stitched bunting that I’ve been experimenting with, I made some actual bunting just out of calico with lettering spelling out ‘Cardiff’.
I also printed out the photos I took again and painted and stitched over them.

P1060994 P1060996

P1060997 P1070001
I printed them out in black and white in order to make the coloured bunting more visible, and to challenge the idea of it being a hidden aspect in the city.
P1070005 P1070007
In these ones I just painted without the stitching, in order to have more of a mixed media finish on the final outcome.
P1070008 P1070012
Here I roughly stitched on the black outlines of this lovely tudor building to subtly make it stand out slightly more than the buildings around it, again to contrast the ‘hidden city’ idea.
P1070015 P1070020
his one was my favourite one I did. The photo was already representing the juxtaposition between the harsh metal fence and the daffodils growing through so I just accentuated it by using a free embroidery foot for the greenery and then hand stitched the yellow flowers.


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