Digital Module: Initial Lecture

Before the lecture today, I was really not sure that I would enjoy this module. I have never been a fan of producing work on the computer and when I have tried to use/learn photo shop previously, I found it really hard and couldn’t get the hang of it. I have also never used illustrator but think this may be more useful to me.
The books: Adobe Classroom in a Book sound really useful that they are set up step by step in lessons, because this organised way is how I like to work. I will definitely be ordering these because it means that I can go through them myself, in my own time and hopefully without needing any help.
All of the three themes sound really interesting and I am currently undecided as to which one I would like to do. Lucy said that it would be a good idea to do something outside of my comfort zone, but I think I am outside it enough with digital work in itself!

  • Re-E-Val U 8
    This idea sounds really interesting and I am thinking in terms of up-cycling (which is a personal interest of mine) and turning old into new. This could be done making vintage fabrics and textiles into bolder, structured and modern items.
  • Scanned Memory
    I really like the sound of the delicacy in this brief and there is a lot of imagery I could use to support this. I’m thinking transparency, femininity, skeletons, lace, hair etc.
  • Urban Beat
    This is probably the theme that I am the least interested in, just because I don’t really like the industrial style. This could be really different, using photos of scaffolding, concrete, exposed wires and pipes etc, which I think would work really well with the industrial format.

I am going to have a think over the next few days about which theme I could use to produce the best work and which one I think I will be the most interested in for the longest.


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