Tutorial with Lucy

Today I had a chat with Lucy and showed her all of the work I have done so far.
Creating these designs is taking a lot more time than I had expected them to because I’m never completely happy with what I produce, meaning I could spend hours reworking them and reworking them.

Lucy asked if they were all done in my colour scheme on my colour board and I realised that I had completely forgotten to do this. I was just choosing colours from the swatches that are already there which looked similar. So my first step will be to change this.
Also I have used black outlines in some of them and Lucy told me that this counts as a colour, so I either need to add it to my colour swatches or get rid of it completely. I have decided to just change the black aspects instead of adding the colour to my collection because I don’t feel it relates very well and isn’t present in any of my research which I took inspiration from.

She also suggested that a lot of my patterns are very regimented and I very much agree with her. Looking at them again there are very controlled and there isn’t much variety in scale or angle etc. Next I will work on adjusting them just to make them a more interesting to look at.

Scale is also something that I need to mix up a bit in my collection as it is all very similar.


This dandelion seed design was made using my own brush which I created. I like the variety in angles it gives, however it is very hard to work with and move things around.


I really like this drawing of the dancers, however I need to change the outline colour from black and the filled in pink aspect wasn’t a colour form my colour scheme. I think I would also like to mix up the scale a bit to make it a lot less controlled.


I really like the imagery in this design, which was taken by drawing over one of the photographs of dancers in my research. However again, I didn’t use the colours on my colour board and the pattern just looks much too controlled and regimented.


I really like this one made up of leaf skeletons and this probably took me the longest out of all of them because I drew all of the details using the pencil tool on illustrator


This design was created sing a drawing tablet and the pencil tool on illustrator, going over the lines on one of the photos of ruffles in fabric in my research. I really like the individual drawing and the loose, sketchy feel it has however as soon as I put it into a grid like this, it immediately looked less free. I will play around with angles and mirroring on this design, but I do think there is a possibility that it wont make it to my final 6.


Colour Board Adjustment

colour boardfinal colour board

This weekend I opened up my finished colour board and decided that the text underneath the colour swatches should go with the scheme rather than be black, so I changed it to the darker grey. I think this looks a lot more professional.

Illustrator workshop – Pencil tool and Repeat Patterns

Yesterday, using the same techniques in illustrator which I used to create the self portrait, I also had a play with some of the images I had found on Pinterest. This I found a lot easier and managed to create some pieces which I think work really well.Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.25.21Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.25.10Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.36.41Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.25.25 Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 13.15.17

Colour Choices and Colour Board

After Lucy’s lecture on Monday, this week I focused primarily on sorting out my colour scheme and creating a colour board. I looked at Lucy and Steve’s pantone swatches/books and chose some relevant shades.I also used the colour picker tool on Photoshop and Illustrator to pick out the main colours in my images on my mood boards.


These were 12 colours I chose which I feel represent what I took from the ‘scanned memory’ brief and successfully signify femininity and delicacy.

Lucy suggested that I have about 6 colours in total and therefore these are the final ones I chose. I got rid of any which were too similar to each other and narrowed them down to 2 blue tones, 2 pink and 2 grey. I’m really pleased with the colours I selected as I fell they successfully portray and theme and the message that I want to give.

colour board

This is my final colour board. I spent the best part of about 2 days on this, trying to get the balance between having enough information on it, having all of the colours present and not just being another version of my mood board.

I think it is successfu in representing each colour and where they came from and also my inspiration in order to go onto creating designs.

Vector Self Portraits

Both today and Tuesday, Steve taught us to use both photoshop and illustrator to create self portraits in the form of vector drawings. On Tuesday we were using photoshop.
At first I found it extremely difficult to get my head around the pen tool, however once I had got used to it, I was surprised how quickly I could produce something that I was really proud of.

Steves photo 2
This is the original photo which I worked from.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.20.00
The final outcome

I used several layers, one for each part of the drawing, for example one for each of the lips, teeth and gums and this helped me to keep track of what order everything was in.
I find the colour picker tool extremely extremely useful for this sort of work and was surprised at some of the colours that it came up with, for example the the whites of the eyes aren’t actually white, but are more of a yellow/grey colour. This tool allowed the portrait to look more realistic because it prevented an exaggeration of colour.

Today we were using illustrator. I assumed that this would have been easier to create a portrait because of the tools available, however I actually found it a lot harder and that it took a lot longer. Some people found it easier to work with illustrator though and this shows how some people prefer different programs to others.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.17.15

Although it is unfinished and I found it a lot harder than the portrait on Photoshop, I am pleased with what I achieved and really like the sketchy, more hand drawn effect this technique gives.


I have actually really enjoyed writing this essay overall and I think it was because I chose a subject which I was going to be interested in researching.
My title was:
Does the gender of a body effect the way it is able to act and behave and is this socially constructed?

Initially, I was thinking very broadly and didn’t really know much more than the idea that I wanted to write about gender. So I went to the sociology section in the library and got out two books, one about masculinity and the other about unzipping gender and being transgender. I actually ended up reading more of these books than I had expected to (I was just planning on scanning them and only using certain sections for quotes) because they were easier to read than I thought they would have been. These books, along with some initial research on summon helped me to decide what my title was going to be.
One of my friends studies psychology at university and has recently done a module on gender, so I sat down with him and had a chat to get any more ideas. Having studied gender in my sociology A Level, I could use my current knowledge about social construction and gender socialisation to come up with a solid plan for the essay.
Although I did find it hard to actually get going with the essay (this is always a problem for me), once I had started writing and getting into it, it started to flow.
One thing I learnt from the previous essay about controversy was to write my references/bibliography as I go along instead of trying to do it all at once at the end, which was really difficult trying to remember everything. Writing a bibliography takes a lot longer than I had expected it to! So for this module, each time I included a quote in the body of the essay, I put it in the bibliography. This also made it much easier to put it in alphabetical order (which I didn’t do last time).

In summary, I am really glad that I actually got my second choice of subject because I have really enjoyed it and really feel that I will take the things I have learnt away with me.

Digital Lecture: Week 3

In her lecture today, Lucy told us that all of our ideas need to be commercially viable, manufacturable and able to be retailed.

I find it fascinating that you have 3 seconds to catch the viewers’ attention and then 30 seconds to maintain it. This is something that I already take into account when selling things at craft fairs, where the display is extremely key.
Colour is therefore of huge importance and is likely to be the first thing that is noticed.

Colour has always been a massive interest of mine and I’m really looking forward to doing it properly in the rest of this project. I enjoy selecting colours to go together and choosing shades etc. I’m also excited to start learning to use Pantone colours because they are universal and therefore will be something which will stay with me forever.

This week I’m going to start working on my colour board, using similar imagery to that on my mood board, but as a stripped down version.

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xample of colour boards