Digital Lecture: Week 3

In her lecture today, Lucy told us that all of our ideas need to be commercially viable, manufacturable and able to be retailed.

I find it fascinating that you have 3 seconds to catch the viewers’ attention and then 30 seconds to maintain it. This is something that I already take into account when selling things at craft fairs, where the display is extremely key.
Colour is therefore of huge importance and is likely to be the first thing that is noticed.

Colour has always been a massive interest of mine and I’m really looking forward to doing it properly in the rest of this project. I enjoy selecting colours to go together and choosing shades etc. I’m also excited to start learning to use Pantone colours because they are universal and therefore will be something which will stay with me forever.

This week I’m going to start working on my colour board, using similar imagery to that on my mood board, but as a stripped down version.

84ece36e7b9dbc3579f33c7dd23512fa feb64fae9e94b1d59526e53a86e835f9
xample of colour boards


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