I have actually really enjoyed writing this essay overall and I think it was because I chose a subject which I was going to be interested in researching.
My title was:
Does the gender of a body effect the way it is able to act and behave and is this socially constructed?

Initially, I was thinking very broadly and didn’t really know much more than the idea that I wanted to write about gender. So I went to the sociology section in the library and got out two books, one about masculinity and the other about unzipping gender and being transgender. I actually ended up reading more of these books than I had expected to (I was just planning on scanning them and only using certain sections for quotes) because they were easier to read than I thought they would have been. These books, along with some initial research on summon helped me to decide what my title was going to be.
One of my friends studies psychology at university and has recently done a module on gender, so I sat down with him and had a chat to get any more ideas. Having studied gender in my sociology A Level, I could use my current knowledge about social construction and gender socialisation to come up with a solid plan for the essay.
Although I did find it hard to actually get going with the essay (this is always a problem for me), once I had started writing and getting into it, it started to flow.
One thing I learnt from the previous essay about controversy was to write my references/bibliography as I go along instead of trying to do it all at once at the end, which was really difficult trying to remember everything. Writing a bibliography takes a lot longer than I had expected it to! So for this module, each time I included a quote in the body of the essay, I put it in the bibliography. This also made it much easier to put it in alphabetical order (which I didn’t do last time).

In summary, I am really glad that I actually got my second choice of subject because I have really enjoyed it and really feel that I will take the things I have learnt away with me.


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