Colour Choices and Colour Board

After Lucy’s lecture on Monday, this week I focused primarily on sorting out my colour scheme and creating a colour board. I looked at Lucy and Steve’s pantone swatches/books and chose some relevant shades.I also used the colour picker tool on Photoshop and Illustrator to pick out the main colours in my images on my mood boards.


These were 12 colours I chose which I feel represent what I took from the ‘scanned memory’ brief and successfully signify femininity and delicacy.

Lucy suggested that I have about 6 colours in total and therefore these are the final ones I chose. I got rid of any which were too similar to each other and narrowed them down to 2 blue tones, 2 pink and 2 grey. I’m really pleased with the colours I selected as I fell they successfully portray and theme and the message that I want to give.

colour board

This is my final colour board. I spent the best part of about 2 days on this, trying to get the balance between having enough information on it, having all of the colours present and not just being another version of my mood board.

I think it is successfu in representing each colour and where they came from and also my inspiration in order to go onto creating designs.


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