Tutorial with Lucy

Today I had a chat with Lucy and showed her all of the work I have done so far.
Creating these designs is taking a lot more time than I had expected them to because I’m never completely happy with what I produce, meaning I could spend hours reworking them and reworking them.

Lucy asked if they were all done in my colour scheme on my colour board and I realised that I had completely forgotten to do this. I was just choosing colours from the swatches that are already there which looked similar. So my first step will be to change this.
Also I have used black outlines in some of them and Lucy told me that this counts as a colour, so I either need to add it to my colour swatches or get rid of it completely. I have decided to just change the black aspects instead of adding the colour to my collection because I don’t feel it relates very well and isn’t present in any of my research which I took inspiration from.

She also suggested that a lot of my patterns are very regimented and I very much agree with her. Looking at them again there are very controlled and there isn’t much variety in scale or angle etc. Next I will work on adjusting them just to make them a more interesting to look at.

Scale is also something that I need to mix up a bit in my collection as it is all very similar.


This dandelion seed design was made using my own brush which I created. I like the variety in angles it gives, however it is very hard to work with and move things around.


I really like this drawing of the dancers, however I need to change the outline colour from black and the filled in pink aspect wasn’t a colour form my colour scheme. I think I would also like to mix up the scale a bit to make it a lot less controlled.


I really like the imagery in this design, which was taken by drawing over one of the photographs of dancers in my research. However again, I didn’t use the colours on my colour board and the pattern just looks much too controlled and regimented.


I really like this one made up of leaf skeletons and this probably took me the longest out of all of them because I drew all of the details using the pencil tool on illustrator


This design was created sing a drawing tablet and the pencil tool on illustrator, going over the lines on one of the photos of ruffles in fabric in my research. I really like the individual drawing and the loose, sketchy feel it has however as soon as I put it into a grid like this, it immediately looked less free. I will play around with angles and mirroring on this design, but I do think there is a possibility that it wont make it to my final 6.