This week I focused on getting my mood board finished. I really enjoyed doing this and the idea of a digital mood board rather than one produced using the ‘cut and stick’ method has really grown on me. It gives so much more of a professional finish and will hopefully look  quite sharp on display at the end of this module.


I did this one first and am really please with it, but I think all of the squares and boxes don’t really go along with the theme. I did adjust the opacity on some of the images which helped a bit, but I still wasn’t completely happy with it.
I decided to start again but this time blend the images together using the gradient tool.

Final moodboard (screenshot)

This is the final product and I like this one a lot more. It definitely represents the feminine look that I’m going for and I think it is more successful in combining all of the imagery together.


Digital Lecture: Week 2

In today’s lecture, Lucy talked about the design development process, or DDP. The only 3 steps I need to focus on in this project (because it is a micro brief) are market definition, concept explanation and detail design.

DDP ensures structure and this is really good for the way strategic way I prefer to work through tasks.

She also told us a lot about mood boards which I found really helpful. Before today I only thought of mood boards as ‘cutting and sticking’ using pictures from magazines and books etc, so I’m excited to try something new. I think from the examples Lucy showed us today, digital mood boards look so much more professional and I’m looking forward to adding this new skill.

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