Printing and Mounting

Today I printed my 6 final designs and my mood and colour boards at the print studio in uni and am really please with them. I think the quality of the paper looks really professional and am also relieved that they came out okay. Because for my mood and colour boards I used images from the internet, I was concerned that they would become pixelated when printed. However they came out in good quality and I think this was because I tried to make the effort to source only larger images.

This evening I have been creating the headers to go on my designs. Initially, I was worried about doing this because neat and precise working isn’t my strong point and is something that I am working on. However I took my time measuring and accurately cutting the paper with a guillotine and am therefore really pleased with how they turned out. It took me a while to decide on how to attach the headers, yesterday I spoke to some other students and they all seemed to be doing it differently. I didn’t want to staple them because I don’t think this would look very professional (learning from my experiences from the first subject module outcomes in the autumn term). It was therefore between gluing or sewing. I decided on sewing them together with one line of straight stitch in a white thread and I am really happy I chose to do this. It gives them a much more professional  finish which I am really proud of. I got this idea from when I was looking round the degree show on Monday. One thing I was looking out for is how people had presented their headers on paper pieces and although most of them were used on fabric, I found one on paper and she had sewn hers. I liked this look and therefore decided to replicate it in my own work.



Final 6 Designs

Today I finalised my 6 designs to be put on display and will print them tomorrow.







Digital Stitch Workshop

I really enjoyed the digital stitch workshop with Maggie today and was really pleased to be given the opportunity to learn this skill even before going into second year. I’ve always been fascinated with the method and find it completely futuristic that you can create a design on a computer, for it to then be stitched out onto fabric.

We were asked to find imagery that slightly resembles an elongated diamond or triangle, not from nature, to turn into a stylised floral. I chose images of an ice-cream cone, a toucan’s head, a champagne flute and someone doing a yoga position called triangle.

I only had time to do two, using the ice-cream and the glass and chose the first one to be the one which gets stitched out.


This was my final design

I actually found the software easier to use than I had expected to, knowing how long it had taken me to get used to illustrator and Photoshop. This program however was a lot simpler (so far) because we were only using a couple of tools.
I’m excited to see the finished product.

After today, I am really looking forward to the digital module next year and to learning more on this new skill.

Degree Show


Today we had a look round the 3rd years’ exhibition and I was so impressed with what I saw.

20150601_113054 20150601_113056

This work was one of my favourites and was one of the two I chose to write my personal critique on.

Her name is Vanessa Randell and I loved her illustrations of nocturnal woodland animals. Her ideas were not something that I had seen anywhere before and I liked the concept of having glow in the dark stitched aspects in a duvet set for a child who is afraid of the dark. I also think it was really successful that she has used a colour scheme which goes away from the conventional pastels and pinks/blues which are normally seen in products for children.


This was my other favourite display and the other one I wrote my critique for. She had focused on nature, the environment and encouraging children to play outside. I loved her display and the props and furniture she used, it was simple and therefore didn’t take the attention away from her products.

20150601_113104  20150601_113114

This was the work of Elen Angharad Davie and she had also designed products for children. Her patterns were very sweet and I loved her colour scheme.


I loved the colour scheme this student used.


This one really stood out to me because it was so different to all of the others, with a very surreal aspect.


This was the first display I saw when I walked into the room and I loved the teepee. All of these patterns were pretty, pastel colours and gave a sort of watercolour look.

Because childrens’ products/interiors are what I am interested at the moment, I was really happy to see so many displays for it. Looking through this exhibition has make me both apprehensive and excited for the next 2 years.