Degree Show


Today we had a look round the 3rd years’ exhibition and I was so impressed with what I saw.

20150601_113054 20150601_113056

This work was one of my favourites and was one of the two I chose to write my personal critique on.

Her name is Vanessa Randell and I loved her illustrations of nocturnal woodland animals. Her ideas were not something that I had seen anywhere before and I liked the concept of having glow in the dark stitched aspects in a duvet set for a child who is afraid of the dark. I also think it was really successful that she has used a colour scheme which goes away from the conventional pastels and pinks/blues which are normally seen in products for children.


This was my other favourite display and the other one I wrote my critique for. She had focused on nature, the environment and encouraging children to play outside. I loved her display and the props and furniture she used, it was simple and therefore didn’t take the attention away from her products.

20150601_113104  20150601_113114

This was the work of Elen Angharad Davie and she had also designed products for children. Her patterns were very sweet and I loved her colour scheme.


I loved the colour scheme this student used.


This one really stood out to me because it was so different to all of the others, with a very surreal aspect.


This was the first display I saw when I walked into the room and I loved the teepee. All of these patterns were pretty, pastel colours and gave a sort of watercolour look.

Because childrens’ products/interiors are what I am interested at the moment, I was really happy to see so many displays for it. Looking through this exhibition has make me both apprehensive and excited for the next 2 years.


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