Digital Stitch Workshop

I really enjoyed the digital stitch workshop with Maggie today and was really pleased to be given the opportunity to learn this skill even before going into second year. I’ve always been fascinated with the method and find it completely futuristic that you can create a design on a computer, for it to then be stitched out onto fabric.

We were asked to find imagery that slightly resembles an elongated diamond or triangle, not from nature, to turn into a stylised floral. I chose images of an ice-cream cone, a toucan’s head, a champagne flute and someone doing a yoga position called triangle.

I only had time to do two, using the ice-cream and the glass and chose the first one to be the one which gets stitched out.


This was my final design

I actually found the software easier to use than I had expected to, knowing how long it had taken me to get used to illustrator and Photoshop. This program however was a lot simpler (so far) because we were only using a couple of tools.
I’m excited to see the finished product.

After today, I am really looking forward to the digital module next year and to learning more on this new skill.


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