Printing and Mounting

Today I printed my 6 final designs and my mood and colour boards at the print studio in uni and am really please with them. I think the quality of the paper looks really professional and am also relieved that they came out okay. Because for my mood and colour boards I used images from the internet, I was concerned that they would become pixelated when printed. However they came out in good quality and I think this was because I tried to make the effort to source only larger images.

This evening I have been creating the headers to go on my designs. Initially, I was worried about doing this because neat and precise working isn’t my strong point and is something that I am working on. However I took my time measuring and accurately cutting the paper with a guillotine and am therefore really pleased with how they turned out. It took me a while to decide on how to attach the headers, yesterday I spoke to some other students and they all seemed to be doing it differently. I didn’t want to staple them because I don’t think this would look very professional (learning from my experiences from the first subject module outcomes in the autumn term). It was therefore between gluing or sewing. I decided on sewing them together with one line of straight stitch in a white thread and I am really happy I chose to do this. It gives them a much more professional  finish which I am really proud of. I got this idea from when I was looking round the degree show on Monday. One thing I was looking out for is how people had presented their headers on paper pieces and although most of them were used on fabric, I found one on paper and she had sewn hers. I liked this look and therefore decided to replicate it in my own work.



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