Tutorial with Sally

Today I had a 1 to 1 tutorial with Sally about what I had done so far.
After discussing what I aim to look at in this module she told me about a fashion designer called Issey Miyake, who I have never heard of. I will look into him and his designs later this week.
We also talked about what age and gender I am designing for. Although it is quite tempting to go for a male market, I feel like I am already quite far out of my comfort zone with fashion so will stick to a female market for now. However this may be something that I could look in to in the future. In terms of age, I will decide this once I’ve settled on what company I am designing for and look at what ages they cater for.
Other points of action agreed were:

  • look into slogans/phrases for children’s products – positive, motivational without being pushy
  • look at shops to find materials (gift wrap etc) to include on mood boards
  • look further into Scandinavian design
  • think of a theme for the overall project
  • finish mood boards for next Tuesday

My next step is to narrow my research down to 9 (3 from each area) and look further into the materials they use and their price range.


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