Pecha Kucha Presentation

Today I presented my Pecha Kucha of my top 3 designers to a group and Sally.

I presented first out of the group and was really nervous, strangely more so than I have been before when presenting these. I feel that this let me down a little bit and I didn’t seem as passionate and excited about the project than some of the other students were. This is really annoying because I really care about what I have done so far because I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve done, and I wish I could have shown this while presenting.

The three companies I chose to talk about were 2 from fashion: Zara and Boden, and one interior: Ferm Living.

I’m really pleased with the aesthetics of my presentation, I tried to keep with the theme of my project so just had a white background and large images, with the bare minimum of text on the slides. I am also happy with the content. I researched quite substantially into each of my 17 original companies so was able to collate quite a range of information.

When I had finished I got some good feedback. Sally mentioned that I seemed soft spoken, and I think this was the nerves. However she did also say that I seemed to have a good eye for colour and that I had really taken notice of colours in all of my research. I have had this comment before and I do agree: colour is something which I am always excited to explore and choose.

Here is my presentation:

Pecha Kucha Hannah


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