WEEK ONE – Fo[u]r Rooms Introduction

This week was the first of 10 in this year’s field. On Monday we met for the first time and were put into our groups. Unfortunately only 4/8 of the people on the list showed up, but hopefully we’ll see some of them soon.

I’m really excited to get started on this project, it is daunting to think that people will be using the room but also exciting to be able to collaborate with people with different skills and ideas. I’m hoping to take more from this that I did in field last year. To do this I am aiming to be more open to other people’s ideas, and to communicate better with the other members of the group.

This week we were asked to choose two themes from a list. As a group we chose post modernism and nostalgia. We then went on to research both themes and create a mood board on each and a presentation to show on Thursday.


postmodern moodboard

nostalgia moodboard

90s moodboard

These are the mood boards that created as a group. We ended up making two for nostalgia. We started off looking at artist interpretations and methods of presenting nostalgic objects and memories, and then moved on to our own nostalgia from our childhoods. We think this is the theme that we are leaning towards for our room.

This is our presentation which we showed to the other three groups:

Week One Presentation with link

I think the presentation went well (despite a few technical difficulties!) and it was really helpful to have a listen to what the other teams had been looking at.

Next week we are going to look at the theme in more detail and start talking about proposals for the furniture in our room.

We are also thinking about possibly combining the two themes rather than picking just the one, because the typical colour schemes and shapes for post-modernism tie in quite well with imagery of the 1990’s.


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