WEEK ONE – Further Research

After this week, the following are concepts that we want to explore further:

  • Post modern film
    – Quentin Tarentino
    – Pulp Fiction
    – Kill Bill
    – Back to the future
  • Post modern industrial design
    – Memphis group design
    – Braxton and Yancey
  • Post modern architecture
  • Pop art
  • Shrinking rubbish and sewing it together
  • Senses – smells evoking memories
  • Lighting – indirect light
  • Lego – history of
  • History of plastic

I was then looking into the difference between modernism and post modernism. This is something that I am still a little bit confused about, despite speaking about it during the presentation, and so I had another look at it individually.

I found that Modernism had dominated art theory and practices since the beginning of the twentieth century.
It works on the concepts of idealism and realism, whereas post modernism is more scepticism and suspicion of reason.

I’m really glad I did this little bit of extra research because I’m now a bit more confident in the difference…if still a little unsure!


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