WEEK TWO – Concept Development

Following our research last week, today we started talking as a team (there are still only four of us) about the individual design proposals of the components of the room.

We’ve decided to set up the space as a meeting room rather than a dining room. This will mean that table wear and cutlery etc is unnecessary.

Wall Covering
On one of the walls we are hoping to create a structure made from frames, attached together at different angles, made of a variety of materials and hopefully brightly coloured. Within these frames will be an array of different art works from each member of the team. We feel that this, because we are made up of fine artists and textile artists, will help to get our personal touches into the room.

Chiharu Shiota / room of memory, 2009:

This makes me want to collect miss-matching photo frames and colourful wall hangings to achieve a similar look.:


For my frames, I have been looking at some artists who I wish to take inspiration from. I would quite like to play on the idea of embroidering over the top of images of idols from our childhoods, and people that we looked up to and were role models to us as children. For example for me personally, it was people like the members of Steps and the Spice Girls, and people from TV programs such as Buffy the vampire slayer and Sabrina the teenage witch…

Jose Romussi:


Jose Romussi, The Flowers are Dying.:

Laura McKellar:

Embroidery on print, by Laura Mckellar:

Laura McKellar: disband work:

Mana Morimoto:

Embroidery by Mana Morimoto:

Mana Morimoto - Tokyo-based textile artist creates compositions by carefully arranging embroidery threads on pictures.:

I really like the idea of using techniques such as free machine and hand embroidery, appliqué and collage to achieve something a little bit like this. I’m thinking of taking quite a plain looking, possibly even black and white photo of  these people and adding some ‘post modern’ geometric shapes and some slogans over the top. I have previously done some machine stitching onto paper for my last field project last year and it did work, as long as there isn’t too much heavy stitching, because this will rip the paper.

I think these pieces have a very ‘pop arty’ feel and I could play on this in my own samples.

On the lower, smaller ceiling in the room, we have been looking at creating a layer/surface of ‘chatterboxes’. These are something that were a big memory for all four members of our team. They are a small, fortune telling bit of folded paper that was used in the classroom and playground to determine what game to play or who had a crush on you… very accurate.

I think that this idea has the potential to look really quite stunning, but there also is a fine line between this and it looking tacky, which we will need to be wary of.


Having some of the geometric structures hanging slightly is also an idea we had, in order to bring them more into the room as a whole, rather than having all of these separate elements.

In terms of the lighting on the ceiling, we were toying with the idea of having the chatterboxes that fall over the lights made from tracing paper, to create some indirect light coming through.
For other lighting in the room, we were thinking about having some LED bulbs fixed into some of the frames.

The table is something that we’ve had a lot of ideas on. We started out simple, then went a little bit crazy with colours and shapes, and have now seemed to tone it down a little bit again.
We know that we would like a rounded table, and that an oval shape would be better than a circle in order to fit the required 8-10 chairs around it.



20151124_161823These are some of my team mate’s drawings of some different ideas for the table. We’re struggling with the cost of having one big clear table top but this is something that keeps popping up in all of our ideas.


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