WEEK TWO – Component Allocation

Today we were asked to write a list of what everyone in the group is responsible in terms of the components in the room. We were also joined by another group member so this should help.

Table: Elle and Hannah Lo
Wall Decoration: Everyone
Soft Furnishings: Me and Hannah Le
Lighting: Hannah Le and Hannah Lo
Ceiling: Ilona
Extras: Bin, TV etc

We were also given the opportunity to go into our room and measure up. The room was a lot smaller than I expected it to be, and I was surprised to see that there was kind of two ceilings: the normal one and then a temporary, smaller, lower one.

In the afternoon today we had a group crit with another team. I much prefer this set up than speaking in front of everyone because I am less nervous and feel more comfortable to speak freely. This will also mean I am more likely to share my opinion in that sort of environment.


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