WEEK THREE – Further thinking and experimentation

I’ve been looking more into what I could put into the frames, and how I can get more of my discipline into the room.
I’m concerned that otherwise I will have all of my time taken up creating the furniture and learning skills I’ve never used before, but would like to contribute something that I am actually good at and that I can be proud of!

While doing some more research into the 1990’s and our childhood, I was mostly drawn to food and drink. After writing down a list of these things that were particularly relevant, I had a look around to see if any textile artists look at packaging. I was pleasantly surprised and am feeling really inspired after finding the following:

Dawn Tan

Dawn Tan    Here we can observe what can be made when taking the quilting and intervening of fabrics to the extreme in what refers to scale, shape and concept. The large scale of the pieces and the loud aesthetic inherent to the products they are mimicking make a loud comment on objects of daily human consumption.:

This artist makes these huge installations in the shape of packages of food. She also has a few really nice illustrations which I was particularly interested in.



I love her use of water colour to depict the movement and texture of the packaging.

Holly Levell


Holly Levell is a textile artist based in the UK. She takes everyday objects and creates quirky sculptures.:

Holly Levell | It’s done! I’m having chocolate bar cravings now...:

Supermarket Stitch project by Holly Levell:
I really like these 3D stitched representations of familiar products and how accurately she has replicated the colours and graphics on the packaging.
I also think the ‘tatty’ kind of free embroidered style is very successful and is possibly something that I could try out, in order to get a more stylised effect rather than just trying to replicate the packaging.

Kate Talbot


Kate Talbot:

Condiments, Kate Talbot, Appliqué, Fabric, Hand and Machine Embroidery.:

This is another artist who uses that ‘scratchy’ kind of rough look to her work. I am thinking that this is definitely more suited to my current style.

Lucy Sparrow – Corner Shop

I was really excited to find this artist and her project ‘corner shop’.

“For the entire month of August, Lucy took over a run-down corner shop in Bethnal Green, East London, and filled it with more than 4000 hand-stitched felt replicas of everyday items that you’d normally find in a local shop. Tins of tomato soup jostled for shelf-space alongside felt cat litter and a freezer-full of felt iced-lollies. The show was an incredible success with visitors from all over the world.”

lucy sparrow - a cornershop in london fully stocked with FELT FOOD!!!:

lucy sparrow - a cornershop in london fully stocked with FELT FOOD!!!:

The Cornershop project by Lucy Sparrow, 1st-31st August 2014, a corner shop stocked with felted goods for sale. http://sewyoursoul.co.uk/2014/07/15/the-cornershop-1st-31st-august-2014/:

I wish I had known about this installation when it was on and been to see it, it sounds fascinating.



This whole idea of using food and drink packaging as a subject for pieces of art is something that was very common in pop art.

andy warhol:

"Pop Art Campbell’s” by Andy Warhol:


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