WEEK FOUR – Seating

The seating in our room is something that has changed a lot over the last few weeks. We started off wanting 2 benches, which I made for the scale model of the room. We then decided that they would need to be curved for the oval table. After thinking realistically about how many people we have in our team and the skills that we all have, we have settled on keeping the green chairs which are already in the room.
After making this decision, we were thinking about making slips to cover the chairs completely, but because the chairs are in our colour scheme, there isn’t really any need to do this.

Finally we’ve decided on a round cushion on each of the 8 chairs. These will be the shape of love hearts but instead of the traditional sayings normally printed on these, they’ll have 90’s slang written on them. This could be screen printed, appliquéd or embroidered digitally.
I think the cushions are going to be envelope backed and be filled with round cushion inserts. This could get quite pricey so I’ll have a look around at the cheapest option.
I’m planning on making them from pastel coloured poly-cotton.

LOVE HEARTS/Retro Sweets 100 rolls £8.97:

The 8 words that we chose to go on each of the cushions are:
– wicked
– my bad
– rad
– whatever
– fresh
– lame
– cool beans
– as if


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