The last couple of days have been super busy, with everyone running around finishing off last bits for tomorrow’s presentations.

We finally went through the presentation today as a group (except Jimmy who couldn’t make it in) and am feeling much better about it all now.

I’ve attached the presentation below:

We also finished the scale model and portfolio.

For the model I contributed the cushions and helped with the contents for the frames, I do feel like I could have done more but I did make the benches originally (which we changed when developing the ideas) and Hannah did a lot of it on the laser cutter, which is something I’ve never done before…

I think the model looks okay, looking around at the other groups’ models I’m feeling like theirs does look more professional and slick, but these are also groups with product design members.

I’m really impressed with the ceiling which was made my Ilona and Hannah, I think it successfully portrays what we are hoping to achieve with the chatterbox installation.

Today I also had to create another scheme board because just as I had finished mine, we were told that it doesn’t look very professional with a lot of handwritten annotations all over it, which I had a lot of. I do agree with this though and am much happier with my new one, which I spent a lot more time on.

scheme board

I also added some colour to my insitu board to keep it in with the theme of the actual room. To do this I used watercolours. They contrast with the perfectly straight, harsh, black lines of the image and I like this effect. I think this reflects my style of working better than filling the shapes in perfectly with blocks of colour. I feel like this is important to keep the type of illustration I like doing in my work in this project, because I am so out of my comfort zone with everything else.



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