First Term

For the first term of level 5, I attended lectures called ‘Goddesses and Monsters: Glamour and the Grotesque’. I was really pleased to get into this group this term, as I really wanted to do Cath’s topic last year about subcultures and was something that I was really interested in learning more about.
I enjoyed the structure of the lectures and the texts that we were given to read. I’ve never been a squeamish person and loved the lack of a ‘line’ in how far we looked into things.
Although I did like the grotesque side of things, the glamour part was definitely my favourite. I mostly enjoyed looking at a photo of a model or actress for example, and breaking it down into pieces in order to analyse it.
At the end we were asked to write an essay using an image. I chose the photograph below of Greta Garbo. I looked at how the image presented some of the reoccurring aspects of glamorous photography in the 1930’s. I’m also very interested in history so it was a subject which I really enjoyed looking into.

greta garbo


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