Initial Dissertation Lecture and Ideas

Although it is daunting, I am really excited to start research for my dissertation.
Out of all of the options I am either considering the 8000-10,000 word thesis or the 6000 word analytical text and artefact (if my chosen subject allows this).

I am really interested in history and sociology, so whatever I end up writing about will definitely be in those fields.
One of my personal interests is 1960’s culture, music and teen idols, especially the Beatles.
When completing my form, I wrote that I would like to write about all of these things.

I want to explore how the ‘teenager’ came about and how celebrities affected fashion for this age group.

To begin, I am planning on going to the library to have a look at what there is on the general areas of celebrity culture, fashion in the 1960’s and ‘the teenager’.
I want to do some background reading in relation to these areas to see who has written what already and I think this will help me to develop an angle.

The Beatles: "There are two times of the year that stir the blood. In the fall, for the hunt, and now for lacrosse.".......lOVE THESE BOYZDRFGV,OL.] BBBBBY BA BES:


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