Revolution in the Head

This weekend I have been reading Ian MacDonald’s book and taking down notes. It is quite a slow read and does take me a while to get through and to get my head around some of the concepts, but I am really enjoying it so far. It is also giving me ideas of further research to do.

This book has brought to my attention that the 1960’s were not homogeneous (composed of parts or elements all of the same kind), there were many different trends in different stages of development at the same time and there were a lot of unexpected interactions between them. This helped towards creating much of the decade’s contradictory character which I this I am going to find difficult to pin down.

It has also reminded me that the 60’s were a reaction to the decade before, so I need to look into the 1950’s in order to understand what they were reacting to.

The introduction touches on the attitudes of the decade in terms of sexual ignorance and prejudices, and I know that I would like to look further into how this affected ‘the teenager’. It has been really interesting looking at the political, religious and social side of things in my initial research.

Make love not war --> Make art not war. Put crayons on an ammo belt, arm her with a paintball gun, covered in painty "wounds", sitting on a step like a BAMF.


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