Making Connections Part 2 – Week 1

I was really excited to get back into subject and get stuck back into this project.
After field I knew there was a couple of small changes that I wanted to make.

I found in field that, although it is important to learn new skills, it is also crucial that I am aware of what my existing skills are and to develop these further. Rather than just learning a huge amount of new techniques, I would rather perfect a select few. One of my strong points is free machine embroidered imagery and I feel that I need to work on this even more. I therefore would like to get this technique into some of my 12 designs, rather than just focussing on printed geometrics, which I was doing in part 1.
I came up with the idea of looking at Scandinavia’s native wildlife. In previous collections, Zara Kidswear has included some animal imagery in their designs, but I would like to develop this further by having a set of countries that these animals come from.
Animals I am beginning to focus on are:
– Arctic Fox
– Red Fox
– Grey Wolf
– Brown Bear
– Red Deer
– Reindeer
– Wild Boar
– Moose
I also have a few more in mind if I need others.

Wolves Howling | Wildlife Photography > PREDATORS > Wolves > Wolf Howling:

Bear: "After chasing 'Junior' and climbing up trees; give me some peace now please... Have no doubt: I'm plum tuckered out!":

In part one, I was originally looking at having slogans and phrases in my designs. I am not going to completely rule this out, however now I think I have other more important features to focus on. It may be a bit much having text alongside animals and geometric patterns, but I will come back to this further down the line, to see if it could enhance my designs further. It is something that features often on Zara’s designs so it may actually be quite a good way of making sure mine are relevant.

During field I went to a block printing workshop with Steve and really enjoyed it. I would love to include this technique in some of my designs. Luckily this is something that works well with Scandinavian design.

Now, looking at my mood boards, I have decided that they need quite a lot changing. I will do this in the next week.

I have also adjusted my self set hypothetical design brief accordingly and have attached it below:

hypothetical design brief


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