Geometric Inspiration

I’ve been looking at some artists and designers who work with geometric designs:

Esther Stewart

Australian artist, paints geometric patterns and works frequently in triangles. I really like the colours she uses: muted, contrast, harmonising.

I am beginning to think that I would like to focus on triangles in my own geometric designs. I like how you can fit them together like a puzzle to make one solid piece, in a square, like the image on the top left.

Carl Kleiner

Swedish photographer, arranges different materials in a frame and photographs. This is definitely something I am going to try. This will be a nice way to get different patterns and arrangements from one collage.

Jane Denton


Artist in New Zealand who makes contemporary art using wool on canvas. I think using wool and thread will be a nice way to get my colour scheme noticed – could dye myself?
Want to develop my hand stitch skills.

Elizabeth Pawle

UK bases stitch artist. Love her choice of colours and the thick, variety of interesting stitches. Hadn’t previously thought of using hand embroidery to create geometric patterns – definitely something to try.

Carolina Herrera
S/S 15

Venezuelan/American fashion designer. I love the idea of having a soft, translucent fabric covered with strong, blocks of fabric, and would like to try this technique.


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