Lino/Block Printing

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a block printing workshop with Steve. I loved the technique and enjoying doing it more than I expected to. It is something that I would now like to develop further and get into my subject work.

In the workshop, instead of carving wood, we used lino stuck to wooden blocks. This is because we only had a morning and the wood would take a lot longer. I’ve touched on lino printing before but have never really got into it.

I chose to create a simple house design because this was going to just be an experiment and not used for any project. I did originally have some trees on the drawing but decided this was a bit too fiddly for my first time.

I have been doing a bit of research into artists who use lino printing to use as inspiration.

Lieke van der Vorst

I really like this artists portrayal of the bear, this is something that I could try in my own samples. They’ve just left the whole block of lino for the animal’s body but cut in some texture to it.



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