Deadline and Presentation

I presented my final collection of the 12 croquis to Sally and the group today. I am really happy with how it went and am please about what I said. I went first and was therefore a lot less nervous than I think I could have been. Looking around at everyone else when they were presenting, I noticed that they all had a script or cue cards. I decided not to write down what I wanted to say because I felt like this would give me more of a free presentation without looking down and reading off a piece of paper, and I do think this was successful.
I also got some nice, positive feedback. Sally said that my theme was successful in being apparent throughout my whole collection and that I stuck with it from the beginning.


Sketched bear on paper in black fine liner, water colour on top.


3 mushrooms in black fine liner, pink triangle pattern inside lines.


Digital mushroom border pattern, designed for edge of garment.


Digital mushroom scatter pattern, original colour-way.


First alternative colour-way.


Second alternative colour-way.


Free embroidered mushroom onto hand dyed cotton and appliquéd onto white background.


Appliqué and free machine embroidered bear with hand embroidered triangle pattern in graduated colours.


Striped appliqué using multiple layers of various fabrics and textures.


Striped appliqué using multiple layers of various fabrics and textures.


Close up of second striped appliqué.


Appliquéd triangle pattern onto transparent fabric.


Appliquéd triangle pattern onto white cotton, with free machine embroidered bear.


3 coordinating designs.


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