Making Connections Part 2 – Feedback

Today we got our feedback for what we presented and handed in at the end of part 2 and I am really happy with what I was given.
Positives that I received included:
– My theme of polar nights resonated throughout my whole collection and is very appropriate for childrenswear
– Mushroom repeating images and appliqué stripes have a lot of potential
– Liked stitch samples in sketchbook – good interpretation of theme

What I was more focused on however was the criticism and how I can improve ready for this next part:
– Final 12 croquis – some better than others
– Appliqué stripes could be developed further
– Organza samples are better in sketchbook
– Would have been nice to see painted effects and skills in final designs
– Alternative colour ways – could use more contrasting colours or graduated tones
– Coordinating designs weren’t obvious in presentation or the way they were handed in
– Lost clarity in drawings of bears

I have come up with a list of things that I would like to develop during the last part of this project to get me started this term. I am really happy with my theme and ideas for this module and would therefore love to see how much I can get out of it.

To look at:
– Mushroom repeats – develop further, look at alternative colour ways using graduated tones and also try different ways of arranging patterns, scale and more than one image on each pattern.
–  Appliqué stripes – try using painted effects, iridescent colours (luminous, looking different from each angle), scanned in and played with digitally
– Try to develop some trims for clothing
– Use lino printing skills learned in Wednesday workshop with relevant imagery


Iridescent imagery


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